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Another Very Happy Patient

Happy patient

Finding the best fit possible

Having a new hearing aid fitted is one of those times for both the patient and the audiologist, where they feel excited and nervous in equal measure.

Our audiologists use their expertise and skill with the latest technologies to work in partnership with the patient at every fitting, explaining and offering advice. The aim is always to find the best fit possible.

Whereas other providers can sometimes lose interest once a hearing aid is in the patient’s ear, we take a different approach.

The first few weeks and months of wearing a new pair of hearing aids are the most important and we will call a patient after two days, then see them after two weeks to check everything is working well and make any adjustments. Check-ups every six months and new hearing tests every year help us to monitor how well the aids are performing.

Feedback is important

Another focus at Hearbase is that we spend time exploring the feedback from each patient – how did they find the aids in different listening environments? Are they comfortable using the features and any accessories? Would they like further guidance on cleaning the aids and keeping them maintained?

A very happy patient

Nikki Davis

There is no better example of this close relationship between audiologist and patient, than a recent new fit at our Folkestone branch. Nikki Davis, senior audiologist at Folkestone, had just fitted Mr John Duncan with a new Oticon More hearing aid and asked him to spend his first few weeks noting down how it was going, and what he thought of the new aid.

When he came back in for a four-week review consultation, he gave Nikki his notepad and below is a transcript of his feedback. To see Mr Duncan’s notepad with his feedback click here.

We think he was certainly happy with the results, but we’ll let you decide:

Four-week review

  • Overall feeling of hearing since being fitted
  • Ease of putting in and taking out
  • TV sound – so easy to alter volume and clarify for listening and not having sound bar too high – so my wife is happy with her volume
  • Went for a walk in countryside. It was great to hear all the birdsong, so clear. Looking forward to hearing my blackbird who visits every spring and summer, which is my favourite birdsong.
  • Tried the comfort mode out walking and it was good too.
  • Also used comfort at the coffee shop this morning – certainly made a difference
  • At dance class last night I turned the general sound up to level 2. It made the music clearer and I could hear the dance teacher better
  • Overall satisfaction with the device, my hearing, ease of use, Oticon app and Nikki’s help, advice, teaching, instruction and patience.


Mr Duncan said: “All too often people are quick to put pen to paper to complain or criticise about their treatment ,so I feel it only right to praise where it is due, and it’s certainly due on this occasion. Thank you again to Nikki and all at Hearbase for making it a pleasurable treatment.”

Read more patient feedback on our website here.

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