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Audiologist Vitor’s New Role In Portugal

Audiologist Vitor Jesus

Vitor Jesus, one of our senior audiologists, left Hearbase and returned to his home country Portugal at the end of last year.

In January he started a new role in Lisbon, working for the Portuguese hearing aid company Evollu.

We’re sure his former patients will be interested to know how he’s getting on so we caught up with Vitor to find out.

Audiology service

“I´m the chief audiology officer for Evollu and our main focus is providing technology and audiology services.

“My role is co-ordinating and supporting the development of an audiology service in the Portuguese retail market. I’m sharing my audiology knowledge and expertise with the development team.

“It´s a big challenge. I believe the hearing industry will experience some big changes soon and that´s one of the reasons why I accepted this new role. I was thinking not only about the present but the future as well.”

More hearing choices

Vitor said Evollu wanted to be part of these big changes.

“We believe that hearing services will alter a lot in the next five years. Different hearing devices will come along, giving people more options,” he said.

“We can already see some of these changes and Evollu is prepared to embrace them.”

Evollu app

There is already an Evollu app available in Portugal for Apple and android platforms where people can test their own hearing and receive a personalised report.

Evollu Kiosk is another venture by the company. These kiosks will be placed in outlets such as Portuguese opticians, pharmacies and other businesses in the country. They allow people to undergo a hearing screening in under two minutes and then book an appointment.