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Cold Weather And Hearing Aids

cold weather and hearing aids

Winter is here and although the UK hasn’t experienced too much in the way of bad weather yet it’s sure to turn colder as the weeks pass.

January through to March can often be treacherous so here’s some tips for hearing aid wearers this winter.


Cold and wintry weather can cause havoc with the delicate electronics inside a hearing aid. This can lead to loss of performance and, in extreme cases, permanent damage.


But this can be easily avoided by taking a few precautions before going out in the cold.

Make sure that every time you go out in wintry weather – especially if it is snowing – you protect your ears and hearing aids with a warm hat.


Loss of performance happens when hearing aids get cold and then warm up when you go into a warm atmosphere. This change of temperature causes condensation in the hearing aid and this moisture can damage it.

For the same reason you should protect your hearing aid if it is raining. Moisture can ruin the microphone and receiver of your hearing aids, as well as clogging the earmould tubing and corroding the parts.

Carry spare batteries

If hearing aid batteries get too cold they will not last as long as normal and can sometimes stop working. It’s a good idea to carry spare batteries with you just in case this happens.

Put the spares in an inside pocket so they will keep warm. Make sure there are no coins or other metal objects near them if you are carrying them loose and not in their packet.

Use a dehumidifier

Don’t leave your hearing aids where they will get very cold because condensation will form when they start to warm up.

If your hearing aids do get wet or if there is a problem with moisture build-up then make sure you take out the batteries and dry your hearing aids properly. Using a dehumidifier can really help here.

Following these simple precautions during the winter will mean your hearing aids will carry on working well.

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