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Coronavirus: Helping You By Video Call

Coronavirus virtual help

For many patients, especially those who are shielding or need to remain in self-isolation, it may not be possible to visit us. But don’t worry, we can still try to help using video technology, or just a simple telephone call with one of our audiologists.

They can discuss any issues you may have and try to help that way, just like we did with Ken Northfield, a Hearbase patient whose hearing aids would not pair to his smartphone. 

How we helped

We received a call from him explaining that he and his wife were shielding but unfortunately his right hearing aid would not pair to his phone. As we couldn’t see him in person we asked if he had used video calls before. A member of our team then booked him in for a secure private video link that afternoon with our audiologist Anabela Pinho. 

Once she joined the call, Anabela assessed the situation quickly and was able to take Mr Northfield through a few simple steps to correct the problem. For each step, Anabela checked what was happening over the screen and made sure he knew what he was clicking on.

In just over 15 minutes, the hearing aids were successfully paired and we had a very happy patient who could hear fully again. 

Problem resolved

Mr Northfield said: “I was very pleased with the Zoom video consultation with Hearbase. It worked very well and Anabela resolved the problems with my hearing aids. 

“She spoke clearly and slowly with good hand gestures when giving instructions on the action I had to take to correct the problem. This was particularly good because, with the hearing aids out of action while resetting them, I’m in effect almost completely deaf. Many thanks Anabela and Hearbase!”  

Zoom is just one of the many online tools we can use to have a video call with patients. If you are shielding or self-isolating and have a problem with your hearing, call us on 0800 028 6179 and we can arrange a video or phone consultation – we may be able to help just like we did for Mr Northfield.

Watch how Anabela helped via Zoom: