Deaf Awareness Week – Coming Through Pandemic Together

Deaf Awareness Week

This year’s Deaf Awareness Week runs from Monday, May 3 until Sunday, May 9 and its theme is Coming Through It Together.

It’s an annual event promoted by the UK Council on Deafness to highlight the challenges of deafness and hearing loss faced by one in six people in the UK.

This year’s theme is drawing attention to changes introduced as a result of the pandemic. The charity says that some of these, such as the emphasis on remote working, can have a huge impact on people who are deaf or have hearing loss and it’s important to raise awareness of this.

Change and positivity

A spokesman for the charity said: “This year it is important that, as changes are introduced as a result of the pandemic in so many areas, the needs of people who are deaf or have any level of hearing loss are understood and necessary adjustments made to services.”

It is also important to use the week’s online campaign to show change and positivity, the spokesman sad, adding that the aims also include:

· Raising awareness
. Improving access to education, health, social care and employment
· Making sure people have the accessible information they need
· Informing people about deafness and hearing loss
· Preventing hearing loss
. Improving the quality of services for people who are deaf or have a hearing loss

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