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Hearbase At The Chaucer Hospital

Hearbase at the Chaucer Hospitals

An interview with Nicola Jenkinson, business development lead at BMI The Chaucer Hospital in Canterbury

Hearbase has been working in partnership with the BMI Chaucer private hospital in Canterbury for many years, offering the highest quality service from our expert audiologists in world-class facilities. We met Nicola Jenkinson, business development lead at The Chaucer, to find out more about how the hospital ticks and what our patients can expect when they visit us there.

Please tell us a bit about you and your role at The Chaucer

It’s an exciting time to be part of the team here at BMI The Chaucer Hospital. I joined the hospital at the beginning of November this year! As business development lead I am responsible for driving new business through the hospital. Although the focus is self-pay, I play a key role in the other paying groups (NHS and insured patients). There are many elements to my role which include consultant engagement, GP and Allied Healthcare Providers engagement, marketing and many other things.

What services do you offer at The Chaucer?

We cover most specialities and see NHS, privately insured and self-pay patients. It is important for our patients to know they do have options when it comes to their healthcare. As an NHS patient you are entitled to choose which consultant you see and at what hospital. I think that is a message many people don’t hear enough. We also offer self-funding options and monthly payment schemes. This is a fantastic opportunity for patients to choose when they have their surgery. As a self-funding patient you can have your surgery within two weeks of consultation. And you can usually have your consultation within 48 hours of enquiry. If you are suffering with a bad hip or knee for example having your surgery within two weeks of enquiry is completely life changing.

How has The Chaucer changed in recent years and what are your plans for the future?

BMI Healthcare is the biggest healthcare provider in the UK, so we are lucky to have The Chaucer on our doorstep. The group has seen many changes within the last 18 months, but we are looking forward to the future. We are continuing with our mission to provide quality healthcare for our patients and to be the provider of choice in Kent.

What makes The Chaucer so special?

Our teams on the ground. From our nurses to our housekeeping staff, everyone is part of the team. Every day there is such dedication and passion that drives through the hospital. It’s such an amazing place to work. I think we are lucky to have consultants that have worked with us for many years and this helps build our reputation.

Why should a Hearbase patient near Canterbury who has never been before come to visit?

Firstly, a Hearbase hearing check-up is absolutely free. Secondly, if its expert audiologists detect anything which needs further investigation we have specialist ENT teams on hand. Thirdly, The Chaucer offers you peace of mind, from our professional staff to our comprehensive facilities. A visit to The Chaucer is reassurance that you are in the right place. If you live in and around Canterbury and are concerned about your hearing call Hearbase on 0800 028 6179 and come and see the quality of The Chaucer for yourself.

Call 0800 028 6179 or email hearbase@admin.com to book your free hearing check with Hearbase at The Chaucer Hospital