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Hearbase Ear Savers To The Rescue

Hearbase Ear Saver

Coronavirus is impacting us all, and none more so than hearing aid wearers, who are now at significant risk of losing or damaging their aids when putting on or taking off a face mask.

In recent months, Hearbase has seen an increase in lost or damaged hearing aids. We have been offering our patients valuable tips, as well as exploring innovative solutions to overcome the problem.

Once face masks became compulsory in many settings across the UK, we decided to produce our own ‘Ear Savers’ – simple but effective plastic devices which you attach your face mask to, rather than behind your ears. By having your mask attached to the Ear Saver, you reduce any risk of loss or damage to your hearing aids. They are also a great tool for anyone with dexterity issues as it is easy to attach the face mask to the Ear Saver first before placing it over your head.

Priced at only £1.50 with free UK postage and packing, you can order your Hearbase Ear Saver in our webshop here >>

Hearbase donates 100 Ear Savers to Hi Kent

When we decided to produce Ear Savers for our patients, the Hearbase team felt it was important to get extra stock delivered to Hi Kent – a hearing loss charity we have been working closely with over many years.

Bill, a Hi Kent patient, with his new Hearbase Ear Saver.
“I have nearly lost my aids on several occasions.” – Bill, Hi Kent patient

On 23 September 2020, Hi Kent took delivery of 100 free Hearbase Ear Savers to distribute at their clinics, and the response from patients was very well received.

Bill, a Hi Kent patient, explained that the Ear Saver, “would be extremely useful as I have nearly lost my aids on several occasions when taking off my mask.”

Sophie at Hi Kent clinic wearing her Hearbase Ear Saver
“…it won’t get wet in the rain if I wear it outside!” – Sophie, Hi Kent office manager

Not only that, but the staff at Hi Kent have also been enjoying the benefits of having a Hearbase Ear Saver. Sophie, the Hi Kent office manager said she found the saver very easy to use and “because it is plastic it won’t get wet in the rain if I wear it outside!”

Hearbase are delighted that the Hi Kent team and its patients are benefitting from the donated Ear Savers, and hope they help prevent unnecessary loss or damage during the ongoing pandemic.