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Hearbase Elite Hearing Aid: An Audiologist’s View

Hearbase Elite

It has been just over a year since we launched our own hearing aid in October 2020 – the Hearbase Elite. In that time, we have fitted nearly 200 Hearbase Elites to patients and also upgraded the software to a new platform, offering even more features and choice.

With further developments and expansion on the horizon, we spoke to Sandra Rodrigues, our senior audiologist at our Sevenoaks Medical Centre and KIMS Maidstone clinics, to get an audiologist’s view on prescribing the Hearbase Elite.

When would you consider the Hearbase Elite with your patients?

As an audiologist at Hearbase, the patient is always my focus and if I detect a hearing loss, I make sure we have plenty of time to discuss all the latest hearing aid technologies. When assessing the best technology, a good audiologist should concentrate on the individual needs and tailor the amplification to each patient and their lifestyle.

What I like most about Hearbase Elite is the variety of technology levels available, from Level 4 up to Level 16 (click here to view full technical specifications and levels available). There is plenty of choice to match our patients’ varied lifestyles and needs, and that cater to different budgets too.

What do you like about the Hearbase Elite?

There are many things which I like, especially the choice available. A patient can choose batteries or rechargeable across all levels of Hearbase Elite technology. The hearing aids can also be set to work automatically, or if you like to have more control over your hearing aids, we can set up to 6 different programmes on some of the more advanced models, and still with up to 4 programmes for Level 4 and 6.

‘Occlumatic’ is an additional amazing feature of the Hearbase Elite on the mid to advanced models too. With Occlumatic the RIC (receiver in the canal) model hearing aids will recognise your own voice and treat the sound of your own voice differently, to avoid the feeling of occlusion (blockage) when you speak. There are also special programmes to mask tinnitus from Level 6 upwards.

I also find the Hearbase Elite domes are some of the most secure on the market – so they stay put. Often a patient can find they get a dome stuck inside their ear, which can happen when domes are not inserted in the hearing aids properly. The Hearbase Elite domes need to be removed with a special hook which comes with your welcome pack, so they are extra secure.

What do your patients say about the Hearbase Elite?

The Hearbase Elite is an excellent value for money hearing aid, and my patients have benefited hugely from the range and features on offer.

To explore our Hearbase Elite hearing aids, why not book a free trial today at your nearest Hearbase clinic. Call 0800 028 6179 or email admin@hearbase.com to book your trial.