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Hearbase Saves The Day!

Canterbury Festival

We have been corporate sponsors of Canterbury Festival for some time, believing that it is important to support the arts locally.

This year that support is even more vital. The Coronavirus pandemic has had a devastating impact on the arts.

Canterbury Festival is going ahead later this year and we are sponsoring a series of concerts by pianist Joanna MacGregor. She is playing all 32 Beethoven piano sonatas over three days.

An extraordinary opportunity

Festival director Rosie Turner tells us why our support is so vital:

In January it all seemed to be going swimmingly. We were well advanced in our planning and felt we had booked a good blend of famous names, international performers, local emerging talent, plus a few weird and whacky fun events which all added up to an exciting and popular Festival.

Top of the bill was a performance by Joanna MacGregor of the complete Beethoven Piano Sonatas (all 32 of them!). This is an extraordinary opportunity to hear the full cycle over eight concerts played by one of the world’s most charismatic performers in celebration of Beethoven’s 250 anniversary. A marathon feat of learning, interpretation and artistry.

The show must go on!

Then came Covid-19 and everything changed. Our plans collapsed – artists cancelled performances, social distancing became an everyday term, and live performance was prohibited by Government advice. Meanwhile, Joanna was practicing …and practicing ….and practicing. She wasn’t going to let Canterbury or Beethoven down!

In true Festival style we determined that the show must go on. We agreed with Joanna that we would try to overcome the challenges to present the concerts safely and in a venue with an excellent piano where audiences could distance within an excellent acoustic.

The major concern was that audiences were unlikely to attend in the sort of numbers required to cover the costs – venue rental, a comfortable hotel for Joanna, and her performance fee of course.

A visionary company

And that’s where Hearbase saved the day! Having enjoyed a long relationship with Canterbury Festival, this visionary and philanthropic company offered to sponsor the concert and bridge the gap caused by having fewer tickets available. This demonstrates such commitment to helping to bring unique musical experiences to Canterbury – our thanks are ringing in their ears!

Did you know that Beethoven lost his hearing yet still managed to compose his legendary symphonies and sonatas? So, it’s perfect that Hearbase – a leading expert in hearing care – is sponsoring this special Festival event.

Tickets will be on sale by the beginning of September from www.canterburyfestival.co.uk The concerts will take place between October 23–25. Don’t miss it!