Helping You Through Coronavirus Outbreak – Hearbase

Helping You Through Coronavirus Outbreak


The Coronavirus is causing huge challenges to everyone. Our senior audiologist Hannah Harris has produced some helpful advice for hearing aid users experiencing problems.

Hearing aid not working
If your hearing aid fails to work the first thing to do is to replace the battery, ideally from a new batch. You can also try putting the battery into the other hearing aid to rule out if the problem is with the battery or hearing aid.

Make sure rechargeable hearing aids are fully charged. You should also try cleaning the charger and charging ports.

Try cleaning the hearing aid and microphone with a brush and replace any filters/domes. Refer to your hearing aid booklets for cleaning guidance.

Hearing aid is weak/distorted/muffled/cutting out/dead
Try all the above.

Hearing aids whistling/feedback
The most likely causes are either a wax blockage in the aid/ear or incorrect insertion. Try cleaning the hearing aid (see above) or replace its domes/tubes etc. Make sure the hearing aid is in place properly – look at a mirror to see if it is visibly poking out of the ear or in place.

Hearing aids not charging
If your hearing aid does not appear to be charging clean the ports that the hearing aids sit in (these ports can get a build-up of debris preventing the battery contacts from charging).

Try putting the working hearing aid into the port of the hearing aid that isn’t working (to rule out if it’s the hearing aid or charger).

App on mobile not working
Try turning Bluetooth on/off and hearing aids on/off (either opening/shutting battery doors or placing in/out of charger).

For iPhones/iPads go into phone settings-accessibility-MFI hearing devices-click on aids- scroll to bottom and click forget devices. Aids MUST be turned off/on again and within 60 seconds they should be found. For android phones this may either be in phone settings, or via app settings.

Try the uninstall and re-install app. Follow on-screen instructions but when it gets to pairing you must turn aids on/off to pair.
Make sure mobile software is also up to date. If you have the internet go onto Youtube and type in the name of your app and how to pair. For example, Starkey Thrive, Oticon On etc.

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