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How To Get The Most From Your Hearing Aids

Looking after hearing aids

Hearing aids are expensive so it really pays to look after them properly. Making time to clean, dry and maintain them will extend their life and make sure they work reliably and won’t let you down.

Fortunately, it is very easy to look after hearing aids as there are many products on the market designed to do just this. You can order these – and many other products – from our webshop, with free postage on all UK orders. Please take a look here.


It’s very important to clean hearing aids and remove any wax build-up. Special tissues and cleaning wipes can be used to clean and disinfect hearing aids and ear moulds. There are also cleaning tablets which can be used in a special pot to remove stubborn deposits of wax.

Another option is a pump action spray which effortlessly cleans and disinfects hearing aids and ear moulds. The brush is especially good at delicately removing stubborn deposits of wax, dirt and bacteria.


Having cleaned your hearing aids it is important to dry them. Using drying capsules inside a special pot is an easy way to dry hearing aids and moulds overnight, preventing moisture damage and making them last longer.

The PerfectDry Lux disinfection and drying system uses the latest technology in hearing aid hygiene. Place your hearing aid inside the box and press the blue button. Your hearing aid will be completely dried and disinfected with heat in only 30 minutes. The compact case uses USB or mains power supply.


Our handy set of five essential cleaning tools includes a brush, cloth and wax and vent cleaning equipment. They can be used to look after in-the-ear hearing aids and the ear moulds for behind-the-ear hearing aids.

Most hearing aids come with a filter or other device to prevent wax from entering it. Use the wax protection system and tools to clean away any accumulated wax. Consult your hearing care professional about the specific wax protection system in your hearing aids and how it can be replaced.

Taking time to look after your hearing aids well will pay as they will last longer and carry on working reliably. Take a look at our webshop to see the wide range of equipment available.

Hannah’s guide to hearing aid care

Our senior audiologist Hannah Harris has written a detailed blog post with guidance on looking after your hearing aids and keeping them free from wax, moisture and debris which can affect their performance. Read Hannah’s advice here.