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Keeping At The Forefront Of Tinnitus Research

Free tinnitus support during lockdown

As part of our continuing pursuit of clinical excellence we have become corporate members of the British Tinnitus Association.

This membership will provide a wealth of new research, resources and expertise for our tinnitus specialists in our clinics across Kent and South London.

Fiona Idriss, our specialist tinnitus and sound sensitivity clinic leader, said: “Hearbase is supporting the BTA as we have a duty of care to all our patients to strive for clinical excellence and help support new research and new solutions to tinnitus. The BTA is at the forefront of tackling this debilitating condition and needs crucial support from the industry to achieve its goals.

“We are proud to be a new corporate member of BTA and look forward to collaborating on future projects, as well as offering essential new techniques and services to our patients across Kent and South London.

Our specialist tinnitus and sound sensitivity clinic is based at The Chaucer Hospital, Canterbury. It offers expert diagnostic testing and assessment, with individual management plans to help those suffering from these distressing symptoms.

Tinnitus support offered by us includes:
• Initial 15-minute free telephone consultation with Fiona – call 0800 028 6179
• Diagnostic tests
• Relaxation therapy
• Tinnitus retraining therapy
• Mindfulness meditation
• Sound therapy
• Sound generators
• Hearing aids with special tinnitus programmes
• Specialist help and referrals
• Flexible treatment plans
• Support materials
• Written tinnitus reports for employers and solicitors.

Patient testimonial

“After suffering from tinnitus since a car accident, Hearbase was there to help me through a very hard time learning to cope. Without their help, especially Fiona, I would not be where I am today, coping with this problem.” Wayne Lambkin, June 2019

15-minute free telephone consultation
Call 0800 028 6179 to book a free tinnitus phone consultation with our expert Fiona Idriss.

Hearbase Tinnitus and Sound Sensitivity Clinic, The Chaucer Hospital, Nackington Road, Canterbury. CT4 7AR

High clinical standards

We are Kent’s largest independent hearing company. For more than 25 years we have delivered quality, clinically-focused hearing aid, hearing test, ear wax removal, tinnitus, diagnostics and balance services from a range of locations, including branches on the high street and in private hospitals and surgeries.

Our audiologists are trained to the highest clinical standards and in 2019 achieved the prestigious IQIPS certification from industry body UKAS. This ensures that the care and support our patients receive is second to none.