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Lacey’s Crucial Role In Ear Care Team

Lacey Challicombe

Interview with an ear care practitioner

Since joining us in November 2021 as a new ear care practitioner, Lacey Challicombe has become a crucial part of the team, delivering vital ear wax removal services to our patients.

She has also completed extensive training on the latest ear care technologies – including the powerful new TympaHealth system – more information on that here

In this short interview, Lacey shares more information on her clinics and answers some of the common questions her patients ask about ear wax removal.

What is an ear care practitioner?

An ear care practitioner is a specialist hearing professional who has completed extensive training in the removal of ear wax, meeting the criteria set by the British Society of Audiology. We adhere to the British Society of Audiology Practice Guidance Aural Care (Ear Wax Removal) 2021, relevant NICE Quality Standards and local policies to ensure patient safety and comfort at all times.

What do you enjoy about the role?

I have gained many new clinical skills since joining Hearbase, and work with some amazing colleagues and patients. All too often in my clinics I see first-hand how poor ear health can affect someone’s social interaction and quality of life. Being in a role where I can help someone improve their hearing by removing ear wax build-up safely and professionally is very satisfying.

I have also had some wonderful feedback from my patients, which reinforces the importance of my work. Below is one of my favourites, which I was so grateful to receive:

‘Lacey Challicombe was wonderful when I came for ear wax removal at the Hearbase clinic at Canterbury Medical Practice. She was very nice indeed and so friendly. And what a lovely clinic room, so spotlessly clean and everything was so efficient. There was no waiting, there was plenty of room in the car park and it was one of the best experiences – it was almost a delight!’ Ann Burr, January 2022

Why does excessive ear wax need to be removed?

Excessive build-up of ear wax can cause hearing difficulties and discomfort. It may also contribute to ear infections. Patients using hearing aids may find that they are unable to use these effectively. Ears also need to be clear of wax for diagnostic hearing tests and impressions. Occasionally the wax is hiding an undiagnosed issue and your ear care practitioner will alert you to any findings.

In all cases please do not use any cotton buds or other devices to manually remove the wax, and do not use home irrigation kits or Hopi Ear Candles. 

How should I prepare for my ear wax removal appointment?

If you believe you have excessive ear wax and contact us for an appointment, our team will firstly conduct a short ear health screening exercise. We will then advise if you should or should not soften the wax before your appointment.  

If we do advise wax softening, we suggest that you use Earol® Spray according to the manufacturers’ guidelines, or one drop of olive oil, at least two times daily, for five days preceding the appointment. This is essential to make sure that we can get as much of the wax out as possible when you visit us for your appointment.

Where does Hearbase offer ear wax removal appointments?

We are one of Kent’s largest ear care providers, offering 16 dedicated ear wax removal clinics every week at eight locations across Kent. Click on the links below for more information or call 0800 028 6179 or email to book your appointment with us.

• Ashford – ear care clinic every Wednesday and Friday at the Evegate Business Park.

• Bromley – ear care clinic every Wednesday and selected Mondays at our high street Bromley branch.

• Bexleyheath – ear care clinic selected Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at our high street Bexleyheath branch.

• Canterbury – ear care clinic every Thursday and Friday at the Canterbury Medical Practice.

• Deal – ear care clinic every Tuesday and selected Thursdays at our high street Deal branch

• Dover – ear care clinic every Tuesday at the Dover White Cliffs Surgery

• Folkestone – ear care clinic every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at our high street Folkestone branch

• Margate – ear care clinic every Monday at the Spencer Margate Private Hospital.