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Life-Changing Technology Designed For Celebration

Oticon Zircon hearing aid

Enjoy the open sound experience from Oticon’s new Zircon hearing aid

It’s time to start socialising and celebrating a life filled with sound. Thanks to groundbreaking technology, Oticon Zircon delivers 360° speech and clear sound from all directions, even when in noisy environments, so you can focus on the sounds you love.

Stay connected with what matters

Oticon Zircon offers an extensive connectivity package so you’re always connected to what matters. Direct streaming from iPhone® and Android™ devices* makes calls with loved ones easy, and sound streaming from TVs, computers and tablets helps you access even more of the sounds you love.

With Oticon Zircon, slight to profound hearing loss is covered across a comprehensive range of styles. Choose from five attractive colours and a choice of rechargeable or non-rechargeable batteries.

The open sound experience to celebrate life all around you

Hear sound all around

With traditional hearing aids you can miss important sounds, such as someone talking next to you or a child calling you from behind. This is because these hearing aids are designed to only focus on the sound in front of you and block out everything else.

Building on Oticon’s BrainHearing™ philosophy, Oticon Zircon balances sound from all directions and keeps speech clear, letting you comfortably locate and focus on what you want to hear. This is the open sound experience.

Oticon Zircon has lots of great options so you can connect with more sounds and stay in control.

Direct streaming

Easily stream music, podcasts, audio books and more directly from your iPhone, iPad®, iPod touch® or Android device* to your hearing aids.

Oticon ON

Adjust the volume, check your battery, locate your hearing aids and much more, all from the palm of your hand with the Oticon ON app.

Oticon MyMusic

Enjoy outstanding sound quality when listening to music with Oticon MyMusic, a programme tailor-made in collaboration with music-lovers.

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Oticon’s new Zircon hearing aid