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Lipreading Classes Help Build Confidence In A Hearing World

Lipreading courses

Lisa Cox runs lipreading classes and here she explains about the positive effect learning this skill can have and the other help available to make communicating easier.

“My lipreading classes in Orpington have now moved back to face-to-face sessions, thanks to my huge, airy classroom and the Covid-secure measures overseen by Bromley Council.

But for a while, between Christmas and Easter, lipreading classes moved online. We all know how hard video calls are with hearing loss, so initially I was a bit worried.

I set about finding ways to make video calls accessible for myself and my class. Not only did we manage to carry on successfully with our lessons, we all learned a lot about how to access video calls.

New skills

As a result, we were all able to use our new skills to chat with our family and friends during lockdown. It was a good reminder that lipreading classes are about so much more than an opportunity to practice lipreading.

They can give people with hearing loss a safe space to meet others, give them information about equipment and services that can help and teach new skills for living in a ‘hearing’ world. Many people say they feel more confident after coming to classes.

There are lots of tips for ensuring good communication in a video call but by far the most useful is to use a captioned platform and teach others how to ensure it is accurate.

Living with hearing loss

Google Meet has a good free version with autocaptions but there are lots of other options. If you are working you can apply for an Access to Work grant to pay for a Speech to Text Reporter to type captions for you.

I’ve lived with profound hearing loss for many years and this year has proved to me that there are always new things to learn about living with hearing loss.

Why not come along to one of my classes and find out if they can help you? Email me at if you’d like to find out more.”

Lisa’s Classes

Mondays 2pm – Mixed ability lip-readers in Orpington. Starts 20/9/21. Only a few places left.

Tuesdays 9.30am – Confident lip-readers in Orpington. Starts 21/9/21. Class full, waiting list open.

Wednesday mornings – Living Well with Hearing loss – four-week course. No lipreading, just lots of tips and information about equipment and services which can help. Various dates running in Central London.

Wednesday afternoons – Beginners lipreading in Central London starting in September.

Thursday afternoons – Mixed ability lip-readers in Bexley. Class full, waiting list open.

Lisa also holds one-to-one sessions by arrangement.

Email Lisa for more information, to register or to join the waiting list: