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Maintaining Our High Clinical Standards

GN hearing

Members of our clinical team have just completed a customer services training day. Our clinical manager Marta Lopes, Joe Whibley, sales director for GN Hearing and Georgie Williamson, regional manager for GN Hearing, south east England, led the training day.

It included sessions on helping patients to get the best from their hearing aids and better understanding issues around adapting to them. Our audiologists also received information on aftercare so their patients can get the most from their hearing aids.

High clinical expertise

Our managing director Mark Scutchings said: “Our audiologists need to have a high level of clinical expertise to fit and programme the latest generation of hearing aids.

“It is important for them to develop their expertise in helping our patients adapt to hearing aids for the first time so they are able to get the very best out of the technology.

“This type of training, supported by GN Hearing, is part of our commitment to deliver services to our patients which are of the highest standard.”