Meet Our New Compliance Officer Fiona Austin

Fiona Austin

We have just appointed our new compliance officer. Fiona Austin has spent many years working in the dental profession and has vast experience of compliance and health and safety matters.

Fiona trained as a dental nurse when she was 18 before expanding her responsibilities and managing clinics. She also implemented Care Quality Commission registration and auditing from scratch at her most recent clinic 10 years ago.

She said: “As my family grew and I was blessed with two lovely daughters,  my time was split between nursing and running the family business for 10 years.

 “Eventually, I returned to full-time work to manage a family-run practice for five years. I was tasked with getting the practice compliant for the Care Quality Commission.”

An amazing journey

Fiona said that despite having no support or training, as time passed she gained experience and confidence, realising that she could help people in the workplace to make a difference.

“I really started to enjoy what I was doing,” she said. “I can honestly say I have had the best fun over the years, working with some wonderful people, and gaining skills that have got me where I am today.

“It has been an amazing journey. Helping people through their fear and watching their confidence grow, and seeing the impact this has made to their lives.

Learning all about ears

“I have a wonderful family around me who have taught me to believe in myself and help make a difference.

“We love going for long walks, photographing nature, listening to live bands, dancing the night away and jamming with my dad on the flute. And not forgetting metal detecting and fossil hunting, for which I have to suffer no end of teasing from our friends!
“I am so happy to have been given the chance to use my skills at Hearbase and I am looking forward to learning all about ears. Here’s to the next chapter.”