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My New Hearing Aids Have Transformed My Life

My new hearing aids

David Bratton – pictured with his dog Max – picked up his new hearing aids just a month ago and they have already transformed his life.

He now hears sounds he’s not heard for years and is so pleased he sent us this five-star review.

Here’s what he says:

The hearing aids I got less than a month ago from Hearbase have transformed my life.

I never expected this to happen. One wet December day, I dropped into Hearbase in the hope of buying some tubing for the hearing aid I was using . The kindness and efficiency of the receptionist impressed me and so the next morning I asked my wife to arrange an audiology assessment.

A thorough assessment

The assessment my audiologist, Nikki Davis, gave me was done with a thoroughness that none of my other audiologists have come close to matching.

Having worked out what was wrong, Nikki told me exactly the type of aid I needed. I accepted her advice without question and was then given a date for the arrival of the aids. I turned up on time and, just as I expected, everything was there waiting for me.

Nikki made sure the aids fitted, instructed me on their use and functions, and tested they were working correctly. Thanks to her, when I walked out of the office I was man remade.

Sounds I’d not heard for years

The world was full of sounds I’d not heard for years. And they were sounds that sounded natural to me. From what I could tell, in other words, I was hearing like most people did.

Not that the aids were all that Nikki gave me. She also provided me with a handsome supply of whatever was needed to keep them going. Nikki explained that I would be getting a follow-up session in three weeks.

Thanks to the review I discovered something I had been doing wrong with one of the aids. She corrected the error, in the kindest possible way, with the result, as I assured her at the time, I won’t make the same mistake again.

Regular free checks

I shall be having regular free check-ups twice a year with Nikki and I really value this service. For too long I put up with second best and it was an error. There is no point in skimping on an organ that is central to anyone’s powers of communication.

Which takes me back to why I have given Nikki and her colleagues five stars. It is not just the equipment on offer that matters. The key to its effectiveness is service, maintenance, reviews and up-dating – all of which I know Hearbase will give.

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