New Look Chaucer Hospital Clinic – Hearbase

New Look Chaucer Hospital Clinic

Our new look Chaucer Hospital clinic


How will your new hearing aids sound in a restaurant, supermarket or railway station?


We have just finished a major refit of our facilities at The Chaucer Hospital in Canterbury. Our clinic is in a part of the hospital which was built in 1996 so we felt it was ready for a make-over.

Natural soundscape

As well as new furnishings, we have upgraded the acoustics in the hearing aid fitting room. This creates a more natural sounding environment and makes it easier for you to evaluate the performance of your hearing aids when we change the sound settings.

Real world listening

In addition, we have upgraded all the fitting systems. This means we can recreate real-world environments such as restaurants, TV listening at home and group conversations.
The feedback we have had so far has been very positive, so much so that we will take some of the ideas from the Chaucer and upgrade our main consulting room in Folkestone with some of the same technology.