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New Widex Moment – You Might Forget You’re Wearing Hearing Aids

Widex Moment

Hear every sound as it’s meant to be heard

If you could change one thing about your hearing aid what would it be? If you’re thinking I wish it didn’t sound like a hearing aid then read on because now there is a hearing aid which sounds so natural, you might even forget you are wearing it.

Hearing aids are incredible devices that open up a world of sound for wearers. But this artificial sound can be a problem for most owners – until now.

With WIDEX MOMENT™, you can forget about unnatural sound tainting your experiences of everyday life. Instead, hear every sound as it is meant to be heard.

How do they sound so natural?

The new Widex Moment – spectacular sound

Typically, sound processed in a hearing aid reaches the eardrum later than sound heard directly. When these two ‘out of sync’ signals mix, you get an artificial sound.

The PureSound™ programme in WIDEX MOMENT™ features patented ZeroDelay technology, which processes sound 10 times faster than any other hearing aid, resulting in the most natural sound ever.

WIDEX MOMENT™ hearing aids use machine learning, an extremely sophisticated form of artificial intelligence. This guides you to individualised sound. Through the WIDEX MOMENT™ app, whatever environment you are in, and whatever challenging sounds you face, you can find and save your perfect settings, unique to you.

Discreet, convenient and reliable

Widex has managed to fit all this technology into the world’s smallest rechargeable receiver-in-canal hearing aid. With its discreet style and up to 20 hours’ use from a four-hour charge, you can rest easy knowing you have all the power you need, without fiddly batteries to change.

WIDEX MOMENT™ hearing aids don’t just sound spectacular – they look great too. With a huge range of colours and styles, you will find one to suit your own personal tastes and needs. There’s also Bluetooth streaming capabilities, controlled through the app.

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