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New Year Resolutions For Hearing Aid Wearers

New Year Resolutions

January is traditionally the month for making resolutions to improve our lives and do things differently.

If you’re a hearing aid wearer there are a few resolutions which it would be good to make this year.

To help you, Hearbase managing director Mark Scutchings has come up with seven things you can do to help give yourself better hearing with your hearing aid.

1. Wear your hearing aid regularly: If your hearing loss is not too severe it is easy to fall into the trap of just dusting off your hearing aid for special occasions.  Usually this includes situations where you know that you will struggle because of high levels of background noise.  If you have not got used to using your hearing aid in quieter environments you will probably find the amplified background noise overwhelming. Therefore, wear your hearing aid in tame environments regularly to get the best benefit in noisy places.

2. Clean it: Clean your hearing aid and replace wax filters and domes etc. If you are not sure how to do this go and see your audiologist to get some advice.  Most hearing aid failures are a result of wax or moisture getting into the hearing aid. Regular cleaning and filter replacements will ensure that your hearing aid works reliably.


3. Help your hearing aid: Hearing aids have improved a lot over the past few years, but they are still not a replacement for perfect natural hearing. There are things you can do to help yourself. If you are with a group, sit in a position where you can see the faces of the people speaking to you. If you are going out to eat and you have a choice of restaurants go to the one with the least amount of background music and noise.

4. See your audiologist regularly: Get your hearing checked. Regular check-ups ensure your hearing aid is working reliably and that you are cleaning it effectively.

5. Keep your hearing aid dry: Modern hearing aids are pretty moisture resistant, but moisture blockage of the sound outlet will lead to reduced performance or failure of the aid.

Manage wax

6. Consider wearing two hearing aids: If you are wearing just one hearing aid consider wearing two. This gives  better directional hearing and better hearing in noisy places – we have two ears for a reason.

7. Manage wax:  Hearing aid wearers have more wax. Get your audiologist to check it regularly. Wax in the hearing aid is the most common reason for hearing aid failure.

Following these seven resolutions will help to keep your hearing aid in good condition and will help you to hear better.

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