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Our Guarantee To You

Mark Scutchings

Mark Scutchings started Hearbase in 2003 but he’s been an audiologist for 39 years.

In that time he’s seen hearing aids evolve from cumbersome body-worn boxes to today’s miniature computers that talk to each other.

And he offers this guarantee: If you are not delighted by what we can do for you, you can hand your hearing aids back and walk away.

Watch a video of Mark explaining how we can help if you have hearing loss:

Here’s a transcript of Mark’s interview:

My name is Mark Scutchings and I am the managing director of Hearbase Ltd. I have been an audiologist for 39 years and I started Hearbase in 2003.  During that time I’ve seen a lot of change in the technology we use. 

When I started we were still fitting body-worn hearing aids – a box and cord – the sort of hearing aid that your grandparents used.

Today, hearing aids are miniature computers that talk to each other so they can build a complex 3D picture of your sound environment. If you want, they talk to your mobile phone. They have location awareness so they can tell if you are in your favourite restaurant and can behave in a way that is right for that environment – all this happens automatically. 

Our audiologists programme your hearing aids so that all of this complexity is invisible. And now hearing aids recharge over night so you don’t even need batteries. 

But that’s just the beginning. For most of us coming to terms with a hearing loss is tough and most of us come to accept the need for a hearing aid rather later than we should. 

We are concerned about the visibility of hearing aids and the stigma of hearing aid use. Our audiologists understand this and my philosophy for Hearbase is that we concentrate on the needs of the individual, the problems that you need to solve in your life caused by hearing loss.

The technology is an important part of this solution, but my experience tells me that the relationship of trust between the audiologist and the patient is the most important thing of all. 

If you need help with your hearing loss come and see us at Hearbase. My guarantee is that if you are not delighted by what we do for you, you can hand your hearing aids back and walk away – it’s risk free.

If you would like help with your hearing ring 0800 028 6179 or email admin@hearbase.com