Our High Standards Are Recognised Again – Hearbase

Our High Standards Are Recognised Again


We are really pleased to report that our high standards of patient care and expertise have again been recognised by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service.

It has confirmed our accreditation which we first gained in July 2019.

Accreditation is a continuous process and maintaining these high standards is testament to our commitment to clinical quality in audiology and demonstrates our focus on patient care.

High clinical standards

We won accreditation to the Improving Quality in Physiological Services (IQIPS) standard for our adult audiology services. We have maintained this following a review of our services and practices earlier this year.

Our managing director Mark Scutchings said: “All the Hearbase team has worked hard to ensure the quality and safety  of our service over this difficult past year. I am proud that we have succeeded in maintaining our accreditation. This is recognition of our efforts and an assurance of our high clinical standards for our patients.

Special challenges

“This year the assessment was carried out remotely because of the pandemic. This meant interviewing staff over video links and setting up cameras so that the assessors could observe clinicians working remotely. This posed special challenges for us and the assessors as we were in unchartered waters.

“In future, even after we return to face-to-face assessments, remote assessments will continue in some form.”

Dr Laura Booth, senior assessment manager healthcare for UKAS, said: “UKAS accreditation through the IQIPS scheme delivers confidence in the healthcare services for patients and all service stakeholders.”

Nationally recognised award

IQIPS is a nationally recognised and prestigious award and a professionally respected sign of quality. To gain accreditation we had to display a level of standards, safety and quality that set us apart from many other audiology providers, including some of the larger retailers on the high street, many times our size.

For our patients it means you are seeing the best. Improving the standard of patient care is the whole purpose of IQIPS.