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Out On The Road At Last To Help The Royal British Legion

Hearing screening

It’s not just humans that have spent the last 16 months in isolation during the pandemic. Our trusty mobile testing unit has been locked down in the garage all this time as well.

This month we were approached by the Royal British Legion to conduct essential hearing screening for their employees now that COVID restrictions have been eased.

This was the perfect opportunity to dust down the van, service the engine and replace the air freshener and get back on the open road!

Helping responsible employers

The Royal British Legion has been using our screening services for many years. Our senior audiologist Sandra Rodrigues and administrator, Russell Napier, arrived on site with our specialist equipment, and in just a few minutes, the doors were open and we were ready for our first patients. This was in the strictest clinical hygiene environment, cleaning down between each patient, with masks and social distancing as well.

Speaking about the screening day, Sandra said: “It was great to get the Hearbase van back on the road. Both Russell and I were made to feel very welcome by the Royal British Legion team. Another small sign that our clinics are getting back to normal.”

“The van drove beautifully as we headed for the screening. After months of waiting in the dark, she was raring to go!” added Russell, who was at the steering wheel and coordinated the patients for Sandra on the day.

Our industrial screening services

As Kent’s leading hearing specialists, we provide industrial screening to responsible employers across the county, looking to test their employees and keep their hearing in tip-top shape.

We can manage the whole employee noise screening process at any company’s premises using our mobile vehicle for on-site testing, reducing employee down-time. The vehicle is fully equipped and has its own audiometric booth to give a controlled test environment.

We will report back and make recommendations to the employer in straightforward language, with easy-to-digest summaries for non-specialist managers as well.

For more information, please contact our commercial and marketing manage Jon Raeside jr@hearbase.com

A message from the Royal British Legion

The Royal British Legion is a lifeline for thousands of serving and ex-serving personnel and their families.

In these unprecedented times the Royal British Legion is working hard to support the most vulnerable in our society, be it older veterans that we care for, those who suffer from social isolation, or those who are simply overwhelmed by the challenges associated with the Covid-19 pandemic.

We can only continue to provide these services with your help.

Whether it’s a one-off donation or a regular gift, no donation is too small to make a difference, so please donate today. You can donate here.