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Putting Patients’ Needs At The Heart Of What We Do

Daniela Monteiro

My goal every day is to improve your hearing

Interview with Daniela Monteiro, senior audiologist in our Bromley branch

If you think looking at people’s ears and fitting hearing aids doesn’t sound particularly fulfilling, you couldn’t be more wrong. Since qualifying as an audiologist in 2007, I have been surprised at how varied and rewarding each day can be.

My work involves getting to know everybody who comes in on a personal level. Whether you are an NHS or private patient, it doesn’t matter to me. My goal every day is to improve your hearing.

Working in Bromley

I started at Hearbase in 2015 and I took over the Bromley branch last July. It has just been renovated and is looking amazing. It is a relaxing environment for patients and staff and if you haven’t seen it yet, visit us and take a look!

The people of Bromley have been incredibly welcoming and I have had the pleasure of meeting patients of all ages and backgrounds. From wax removal (and other odd things people decide to put in their ears!) to hearing check-ups and fitting hearing aids, there is never a dull moment.

It’s all about our patients

I believe strongly that a good audiologist should put their patients’ needs at the heart of what they do. Looking after people is something I have enjoyed ever since I was a child. I joined a Scout group when I was 12, which I have kept up, and now I’m an assistant Beaver leader in a local Scout group.

Despite all the technology around us, life often seems busier than ever and there is little time to talk face-to-face. At Hearbase we never rush and I never feel pressured to move patients on. If I need more time with a patient, I will book them in for a follow-up as early as possible. We are here from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday, unlike other providers.


Looking after your hearing is just as important as looking after your eyesight. Yet many ignore, or aren’t aware of, the early signs of hearing loss. Having worked for so long, I understand a patient’s concerns and have been trained to provide expertise to those who need it.

It can be hard to discuss hearing loss with someone for the first time. But by giving each of my patients the time and the care they deserve, I feel I am delivering a quality service and achieving my goal of improving their hearing.

No fear

Sometimes a patient can be fully aware they have a hearing loss and they accept they may need to wear hearing aids. But sometimes I can sense fear and worry and I work closely with those individuals to support them and explain all their options.

Indeed, many of my patients have overcome their fear and are living happy and full lives with some of the best hearing aids on the market.

This is an inspiration for me, so much so that when it comes to relaxing I go paragliding on my holidays. This is a way of building courage and taking joy in something others might be afraid of.

If you are worried about your hearing, or have noticed a change, no matter how small, go and have it checked by a professional – show no fear! We are here to help. We are here to improve your hearing.

Ring our Bromley branch on 0208 460 8954 to make an appointment to see Daniela