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Research Into Hearing Loss And Dementia

Dementia surveys

A health organisation is working on addressing research gaps for those with multiple long-term conditions .

The Ear Nose and Throat and Dementia National Specialty Groups are collaborating on a series of projects and are looking for help from audiologists and those working in memory and dementia services.

The aim is to establish an integrated approach to the diagnosis and management of hearing loss and dementia and the work is being co-ordinated by the Clinical Research Network, part of the government’s National Institute for Health Research.

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This project will focus on the delivery capacity within current clinical pathways across the NHS and Any Qualified Providers and will explore opportunities for integration with wider sensory impairment services.

To understand the use of cognitive or memory assessments in older adults attending hearing aid clinics, and vice versa, the CRN is supporting Dr Rohani Omar, National Institute for Health Research University College London Hospitals Biomedical Research Centre to survey the audiology and community memory/specialist dementia services. 

Audiologists working in the NHS or private adult hearing aid services and community memory/specialist dementia services in the NHS are asked to take part in these surveys.

The audiologist survey is here

For those working in community memory or specialist dementia services in the NHS the survey is here