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Russell Helps Keep Everything Running Smoothly

Russell Napier

While our audiologists and receptionists are the very visible side of Hearbase we have lots of people working away in the background, making sure that everything runs smoothly.

One of these is our administrator Russell Napier. Every Monday and Thursday he’s on the road in our van delivering stock, and hearing aids ready to be fitted by our private audiologists at The One Ashford Hospital, The Chaucer Hospital in Canterbury, Spencer Hospital, Margate, Spencer Hospital, Ashford and at our Deal branch.

He picks up post from those locations and also calls at The White Cliffs Medical Centre in Dover where we have wax removal and ear care services.


Making sure everything runs smoothly is essential at any time but even more so during a pandemic when there is so much uncertainty. Covid-19 added to the difficulties, such as traffic chaos, parking and roadworks, which Russell usually faces.

He has had extra deliveries of PPE to take to clinics and had to make changes to routes and routines as some GP clinics were closed or restricting access to callers.

Fortunately things are beginning to get back to a more normal routine of deliveries as more GP clinics reopen. Every Wednesday Russell, who joined Hearbase in 2018, does a delivery run with stock and hearing aids for our NHS clinics in north Kent and London, and also calls at our Bexley and Bromley branches.

An essential cog

Russell said: “I have to make sure the audiologists have all the hearing aids they need at the right time so they can fit them to patients at their appointment.

“It is very important that they get everything they need on time and I see my role as an essential cog in the chain. If I don’t do my job then they can’t do their job.

“I really enjoy working with all the audiologists and everyone else at Hearbase. They are a great team and very professional. We are all trying to make each other’s life easier and to make sure everything runs smoothly so everything is in place when the patients turn up for their appointments.”

Russell also has to make sure that all audiologists have supplies of batteries, domes, wipes, tubes and pen lights before they run out.