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Sandra Chops Off Her Hair For Children’s Charity

Sandra Rodrigues

Many of us will remember our lockdown hair when it was difficult to tame unruly locks because hair salons and barbers were closed. When restrictions lifted there was a stampede to the hairdresser’s.

Our senior audiologist Sandra Rodrigues was one of those who rushed out as soon as she could to get her long hair trimmed. But after the cut she had a flash of inspiration.

She decided not to cut her hair in 2021 and to donate it to make wigs for children with cancer. Here’s her story:

“The pandemic was an experience shared by all of us, and once the lockdown was lifted most of us ran to the hairdresser to put an end to our lockdown hairstyle.

“it is amazing how little things matter so much and brighten our lives, even when we don’t notice it during ‘normal’ times. I ran to the hairdresser too, but the moment I sat down in my car after the cut I had a flash of inspiration – I call it God, but you can call it the way you prefer – I wouldn’t cut my hair during 2021! At first my purpose wasn’t clear, I wanted to rebel against the pandemic, against Covid-19 and against losing my freedom over something invisible.”

For the chop

Around June last year the idea of donating her hair became clear to Sandra and she did some research on how to do it.
“This project was kept close to my heart until the end of 2021. I just shared it with family,” Sandra said. “I must admit not everybody understands why I decided to do this, I am not sure too, but I guess it is because:

  • I wanted to help as it is part of my nature.
  • I wish I never have to cut my hair so short because of cancer or any other health problem.
  • I want to honour all people (children and adults) that have had to fight cancer.
  • And I also want to pay tribute to the families who fight this battle, especially parents, who have my love and respect.

The Little Princess Trust

Sandra’s hair will be used to make wigs for children

Sandra’s long locks have just been chopped off and will be donated to The Little Princess Trust which says:

When a child loses their hair to cancer or another condition, we’ll be there with a free, real hair wig to help restore their confidence and identity. We won’t stop until the research that we fund ends childhood cancer forever. Promise.

Please visit us at to find out how you can help us give young people back what cancer takes away.

The Trust relies solely on the efforts of enthusiastic community fundraisers. We receive no formal funding. Please help to raise money for us so that we can help more families.

In addition to donating her hair Sandra is also raising money for the charity through her Just Giving page. If you would like to donate just click here.

And her family’s verdict: “My son Gabriel was amazed looking at the hairdresser cutting the hair, while my partner Bruno was just relieved I didn’t shave it all off,” said Sandra.

Ready for the cut
Sandra’s hair after the cut
Sandra’s new style