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Should We Have Mandatory Hearing Tests For The Over-55s?

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The British and Irish Hearing Instrument Manufacturers’ Association is calling for hearing tests to be mandatory every year for the over-55s.

Why do people in Britain not get their hearing tested enough? This is the puzzling question lying behind the BIHIMA’s research-endorsed call for mandatory hearing tests for older adults.

A report in Audiology Worldnews says that the call comes after research by the Danish brand Oticon which showed that one third of British people admitted to knowing someone who is in denial of their hearing loss.

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Research conducted by Censuswide across 2,000 UK adults in February last year, shows that the average amount of time since those aged 55+ have had their hearing tested is nine years, yet this age group perceive they should be getting their hearing tested every three years, BIHIMA says.

Its own canvassing of 70 audiologists across England and Ireland in December 2020 showed that more than 60% of audiologists recommend that people should start having annual hearing tests over the age of 55 and just under 30% of audiologists say annual tests should start even earlier. 

Now, the BIHIMA is calling for testing to be made mandatory for the over-55s.

To read more about the report in Audiology Worldnews click here.

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