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Starkey’s Livio AI Hearing Aid Is Packed With Features

Starkey's Livio AI

The new Livio AI hearing aid from Starkey has been launched and is available from Hearbase.

This is Starkey’s most sophisticated hearing aid ever. It uses artificial intelligence and built-in sensors to create a hearing aid which is truly revolutionary.

Its easy-to-use Thrive app with cloud connectivity is packed with features that give wearers more control of their hearing aids. The Livio AI provides a high fidelity listening experience, regardless of the level of background noise. It is effective in even the noisiest environments.

Fitness tracker

Along with superior sound quality, Livio AI also allows wearers to see and manage health data. It’s not only a hearing aid but a fitness tracker too, so you can take a proactive approach to your overall health.

Its motion sensors, which detect movement, activity and gestures, are integrated into each hearing aid. This information provides feedback about overall body and mental fitness.

Users can easily see and manage their health information with the Thrive app, receiving daily updates on progress via the Thrive Wellness Score.

Translates languages

The Livio AI helps you to easily communicate with people who speak other languages via an easy-to-use translation tool in the Thrive app, available in 27 languages.

Thanks to its integrated sensors, Livio AI can detect when a wearer falls and send alert messages to selected contacts. This helps wearers maintain their independence while giving their families peace of mind.

Starkey accessories are easy to pair and use with the Livio AI. They provide supreme sound quality for streaming audio or for controlling memory and volume on the hearing aids.


New technology provides consistent wireless performance through a smartphone or wireless accessories while streaming cell phones, TV, music or other media.

The Thrive hearing control app also lets you easily connect your Livio AI hearing aids to Apple and Android devices.

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