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Tinnitus Help During Coronavirus Pandemic

Tinnitus Help

If you suffer from tinnitus you probably know that stress can often make this condition worse.

The Coronavirus pandemic, lockdown and social distancing are adding stress to all our lives

However, the British Tinnitus Association has lots of help and advice on its website about managing tinnitus.

It has a helpline open Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm and an online forum available 24 hours a day. This offers support from other people with tinnitus.

The BTA has created a special page on its website with advice on managing tinnitus and stress during the Coronavirus emergency.

This also includes a free tinnitus management e-programme which helps identify some simple strategies to help keep it under control.

Find out more here.

Our senior audiologist Hannah Harris has compiled some useful help and advice for hearing aid wearers experiencing problems. Read her advice here.