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HearIt All


HearIt All is a wireless communication system that offers four solutions in one product. You can use HearIt All for TV and stereo systems, landline telephones, mobile telephones and conversation. HearIt All is compatible with all hearing aids that have telecoil ‘T’ (induction loop).

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HearIt All is compatible with all hearing aids that have telecoil ‘T’ (induction loop). It consists of a combined docking and charging unit, a hand-held microphone with transmitter and a body-worn receiver with a neck loop. The HearIt All system amplifies the sound and the user sets the volume via an easy to use volume control on the HearIt All receiver.

Crisp and clear sound from TV/stereo systems

HearIt All amplifies the sound from a television and/or stereo system and allows you to listen directly via a hearing aid (with telecoil). You can also choose to receive the sound via headphones and enjoy top class sound quality.

Feedback-free telephone conversation

When the telephone rings you answer it by pressing a single button on the body-worn HearIt All receiver. The sound will be heard directly through the hearing aid (with telecoil) or headphones without the common problem of whistling due to feedback.

Hands-free conversation on mobile phones

When travelling by car or outdoors you can easily use HearIt All as a hands-free solution with your Bluetooth telephone to clearly hear your telephone conversations.

Clear conversations

HearIt All can be used to amplify speech in noisy surroundings. You simply point the hand-held microphone towards the speaker and hear their voice directly in your hearing aid (with telecoil) or headphones.