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Ear Protection for Water Sports

Many swimmers and water sports enthusiasts are now wearing ear protection. Hours spent with your head in or under water can cause infections and other problems such as ‘swimmer’s ear.’ This is a common and often painful inflammation of the ear canal that affects both children and adults.

Custom-Fit Swim Moulds

Hearbase is Kent’s leading hearing company and we supply and fit a range of custom-made swimming plugs using the latest technology. They offer the best possible seal, allowing sound to penetrate for safety reasons while keeping out water, cold air, dirt and bacteria.

If you need to prevent “swimmer’s ear,” protect yourself from perforations or just don’t like getting water in your ears then custom-fit swim plugs may be the answer.

What Do I Need To Do?

Make an appointment to see one of our specially trained audiologists at one of our private hospital locations in Kent or at one of our stand-alone clinics.  Our audiologists will spend time with you, listening to what you want and making sure they understand your needs so you receive exactly the right solution.

Your audiologist will examine your ears and take impressions so your swim plugs fit properly and provide the correct seal.

Excellent Care

Our audiologists work closely with hospital consultants and GPs. If, during your ear examination, they identify any medically treatable conditions you can be referred to the appropriate specialist.

Available to buy from the Hearbase Webshop

Soft earplugs made from medical grade silicone putty. Suitable for use when swimming to repel water.

Med Aesthetics Silicone Earplugs

This lubricating gel allows you to put in your ear moulds with ease.

Cedis Oto Soft Gel