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Musicians’ Hearing Protection

Hearbase supplies Etymotic Research hearing protection products. They are specially developed for musicians who need to protect their hearing but not destroy the fidelity of their music. It is the chosen hearing protector for many classical performers.

Understanding your needs

The first step in helping you with custom made protection is for one of our audiologists to spend time with  you discussing the various options available and carrying out a full check of your ears.

The audiologist will then take impressions so that your hearing protection fits properly and provides the correct seal.

If you are routinely exposed to sound levels above 85 decibels you should consider hearing protection. Musicians who perform regularly or who play in high volume surroundings such as an orchestra or band should use custom-made earplugs.

Comfortable and easy to wear

Since they are specially made for your ears from a special soft silicone they are comfortable and easy to wear. They will protect your hearing, but will also give you good awareness of environmental sound for safety purposes. They will reduce ambient noise but still maintain the clarity of music.

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Giving the effect of turning down the volume on the world around you with no muffling.

ER20 Hearing Protectors

This lubricating gel allows you to put in your ear moulds with ease.

Cedis Oto Soft Gel