Wax Removal

Our specially trained technicians can remove ear wax quickly, safely and painlessly using special techniques, water irrigation or micro-suction. Contact us to schedule your appointment.

Wax Removal Locations

Ashford Evegate

Ayelsham Health Centre

Hearbase Broadstairs

Hearbase Bexleyheath

Hearbase Bromley

Canterbury Medical Practice

Hearbase Deal

The Whitecliffs Medical Centre

Hearbase Folkstone

Spencer Private Hospital

Fleet Health Campus

Hearbase Evegate

Metford Building, Evegate Business Park, Station Road, Smeeth, Ashford

TN25 6SX

Select Mondays, and every Friday.

Ayelsham Health Centre

Queens Road,
Aylesham, Canterbury


Select Mondays.

Hearbase Bexleyheath

187 Broadway,


Every Monday, Tuesday. Select Thursdays and Fridays.

Hearbase Broadstairs

135 High Street

CT10 1NG

Every Monday and Thursday.

Hearbase Bromley

4 East Street,


Every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Canterbury Medical Practice

Ethelbert Road,


Every Friday.

Hearbase Deal

72 High Street,

CT14 6HE

Select Tuesdays and Thursdays.

White Cliffs Medical Centre

143 Folkestone Road,

CT17 9SG

Every Tuesday.

Hearbase Folkestone

140 Sandgate Road,

CT20 2TE

Every Wednesday and Thursday.

Spencer Private Hospital

Ramsgate Road,


Select Tuesdays.

Springhead Health

Building B, Fleet Health Campus,
Vale Road, Northfleet

DA11 8BZ

Every Tuesday afternoon.

Our Wax Removal Service

Our specially trained technicians can remove ear wax quickly, safely and painlessly using special techniques, water irrigation or micro-suction. The appointment price is £70, whether for one or both ears. If no wax is present the charge is only £20 and our team can refer onwards and discuss next steps with you.

Preparing for your wax removal appointment...

Before your wax removal appointment, we highly recommend softening the wax in your ears. To facilitate this process, we suggest using a single drop of olive oil or Earol® Spray, following the manufacturers’ guidelines. Incorporate this routine into your daily care at least twice a day for a minimum of five days leading up to your appointment. By diligently following these steps, you can optimise the effectiveness of your wax removal procedure and enhance your overall experience with us.

What is microsuction?

Microsuction is particularly well suited for people who need to have wax removed from their ears but can’t get them wet. It is also suitable for people with extra sensitive ears or who have had ear surgery.

Although wax in the ear canal is normal, a build-up of excessive wax can cause problems. This is especially true for hearing aid wearers. It can also lead to pain, discomfort and tinnitus.

When to get wax removal?

While some people don’t require earwax removal very often, others produce a lot of earwax quickly. It varies depending on the individual.

At your ear care appointment you will also receive advice on ways to manage your wax. You will be offered the opportunity to have your ears checked regularly to prevent future wax build-up.

25+ years of quality ear care

Hearbase has a proven track record of satisfied customers. Don't just take our word for it – hear what our clients have to say in their testimonials. Trust us to deliver the best care for your hearing health.


"Very thorough testing of both myself and my husband. Excellent information and assistance received from the audiologist and full explanations of the options available to us regarding future treatment."

Jayne Camp

"I have had to have wax removed from my ears on a regular basis for more that fifty years and I have to say Hearbase did it better than any other time I can remember. A great job - thank you."

Guy Topham

"Excellent hearing centre on every level, from reception through to the consultations themselves, and beyond… The team is warm, friendly and always happy to help, often going well beyond the call of duty to accommodate their customers. Highly recommended!"

Jon Canning