What To Expect At Your Appointment – Hearbase

As we start to re-open our High Street locations from June 1 we will be making some changes to meet the new safety guidelines.

Waiting areas: There will be changes in our waiting areas to accommodate social distancing – the kind of things you will see in most shops and offices in the coming months.

Screens: There will be screens across counters and lines on the floor to keep you at a safe distance from others.

Appointments: We are asking people to turn up at the time of their appointment – not early or late. If you arrive early you may be asked to wait outside so we do not have too many people inside at once.

Friends/relatives: Normally we encourage people to bring along friends or family to their appointments but now we are actively discouraging this. We ask you to attend on your own whenever possible.

Seeing the audiologist: We may need to come closer to you than two metres because of the nature of what we do, so we need to put extra safeguards in place for your safety and that of our audiologists.

This will now usually include masks and gloves and for some procedures where we need very close contact or risk making you cough when we touch your ear canal, we will need to follow even more stringent safety measures. We may need to take your temperature, the audiologist will wear a mask, gloves, face protection and protective clothing. You will be asked to wear a mask which we will provide.

In the background we are taking precautions to make sure we are creating a safe environment for you and our staff so you can be confident when you come to see us we will have taken every possible precaution to ensure your safety.