Introducing the new Custom Made by ReSound – a rechargeable custom hearing aid 

 This new model gives you all-day comfort and streaming, with outstanding sound quality, even in the toughest listening environments. Custom Made by ReSound will make people think again about hearing aids by offering the most advanced medical-grade technology in a smart, stylish design.

According to research, 58% of people try headphones to help their hearing before moving onto hearing aids. Now you can get a stylish, custom-made hearing aid with expertise and support from your hearing care professional.

Every ear is different, so each Custom Made by ReSound hearing is meticulously crafted in a series of highly technical, specialised processes. Moulded to fit the individuals’ unique ear canal, they can be worn comfortably and confidently all day long.

Reliable recharge

These new rechargeable hearing aids are the first in the world to come with a customised case containing specially created inserts made to match each hearing aid for a seamless and reliable recharge. They offer up to 24 hours’ use time on a single charge – even when streaming – for worry-free, all-day use without the fear of batteries running out on the go.

Users can wear glasses or face masks without worrying about them getting snagged on their hearing aids and take hands-free phone and FaceTime calls on their iPhone or iPad with the touch of a finger.

Better speech understanding

ReSound Custom Made hearing aid

The new Custom Made by ReSound hearing aids provides natural hearing in any situation by allowing users to hear with their own ears, for greater spatial awareness and a truly personalised sound.

They deliver up to 30% better speech understanding in noise and 1-2 dB more directional benefit. The solution incorporates All-Access Directionality which means the hearing aids automatically adjust to surroundings in real time. This enables the brain to select sounds naturally so that no matter the situation, users can enjoy conversations and sounds without being cut off from their surroundings.

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Resound Custom Made hearing aid