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We are Kent’s largest independent hearing aid provider and wax removal experts. For more than 25 years we have delivered quality hearing aid and wax removal services from a range of locations – high street branches and private hospitals.

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Hearing Aids

Hearbase can source every major type of hearing aid on the market from a wide variety of suppliers. Our expert audiologists will guide you in choosing the right product and support you with aftercare into the future.

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Wax Removal

Our specially trained technicians can remove ear wax quickly, safely and painlessly using special techniques, water irrigation or micro-suction.

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Diagnostic Hearing Tests

If you need a hearing test to assist with your medical diagnosis or for employment purposes, we can offer a range of reports that will satisfy the most exacting requirements.

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Hearing Protection

Hearbase can provide you with custom impressions of your ears so that you can take to the manufacturer of your choice.

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Tinnitus Counselling and Rehabilitation

We understand how distressing tinnitus can be, which is why we offer a dedicated tinnitus counselling and rehabilitation services with experienced accreddited experts in the field.

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Children's Services

We work closely with the ENT service at our partner hospitals including One Ashford Hospital, The Spencer Private Hospital and other clinics across Kent to assist in the diagnosis of children’s hearing loss.

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The latest technology to help you make the best of your hearing

At Hearbase, we strive to provide unparalleled customer care and support to individuals with hearing loss. Our experienced audiologists use the latest diagnostic equipment and adhere to the highest clinical standards to offer technical expertise of the highest quality. We pride ourselves on combining cutting-edge technology with outstanding customer service to ensure that our clients receive the best care possible.

25+ years of quality ear care

Hearbase has a proven track record of satisfied customers. Don't just take our word for it – hear what our clients have to say in their testimonials. Trust us to deliver the best care for your hearing health.


"Very thorough testing of both myself and my husband. Excellent information and assistance received from the audiologist and full explanations of the options available to us regarding future treatment."

Jayne Camp

"I have had to have wax removed from my ears on a regular basis for more that fifty years and I have to say Hearbase did it better than any other time I can remember. A great job - thank you."

Guy Topham

"Excellent hearing centre on every level, from reception through to the consultations themselves, and beyond… The team is warm, friendly and always happy to help, often going well beyond the call of duty to accommodate their customers. Highly recommended!"

Jon Canning

Free Wax Removal For Over 75s In Bexleyheath

From October 1 we are offering a free wax removal service for over 75.-year-olds. Initially, this will be a three-month trial running from our Bexleyheath office, but if successful we may decide to make it permanent with the possibility of extending it to some of our...
Invisible hearing aids

Should I Choose An Invisible Hearing Aid?

The idea of an invisible hearing aid is an appealing one and perhaps as many as 70 per cent of first-time hearing aid users are interested in the idea of a hearing aid that cannot be seen when in use. Of course, like most things, there are advantages and disadvantages...
Signia Silk rechargeable hearing aid

Signia Launches First In-The-Canal Rechargeable Hearing Aid

Signia has just launched the Silk Charge&Go IX in a rechargeable format..  This is the first completely in-the-canal rechargeable hearing aid and it should last all day on a single charge. It comes with a pocket-sized case with integrated power bank that...
The Foundry ion Sandwich - new Hearbase wax clinic

We Have Opened A New Wax Removal Clinic In Sandwich

We have opened a new ear wax removal and ear care service at the Foundry Clinic in Sandwich Ashleigh Bullen It started on Monday, September 18 and will take place every Monday from 9am to 5pm . It is being run by our ear care technician Ashleigh Bullen. The Foundry is...
Artist Graham Lilley

Graham’s Artwork On The Walls Of Our Evegate Clinic

Artist Graham Lilley, a patient at our Evegate branch at Smeeth, has some of his paintings of the Ashford area hanging on the clinic walls. The watercolours are all for sale and Mr Lilley will rotate his paintings which are mainly landscapes,. Mr Lilley has lived in...
Hearing aids

Five Reasons People Choose Not To Wear Their Hearing Aids

Thousands of hearing aids are gathering dust in the back of bedroom and kitchen drawers around the country, never to see the light of day again.   Given that a hearing aid is a significant investment, it is quite surprising that people do not make more of an...
Phonak Slim hearing aid

The Phonak Slim – Hearing Has Never Looked Better

The appearance and design of traditional hearing aids is often reported as one of the main reasons for low hearing aid adoption. Phonak Slim redefines hearing aid design. With its elegant form it is made to perfectly embody your lifestyle and confidence. And 60% of...
Associate audiologist Lorraine Johnston

Our New Associate Audiologist Lorraine Joins Our Team

We have added to our team by appointing a new associate audiologist. Lorraine Johnston. She started in health care many years ago, working as a health care assistant in the community. “I knew straight away that this role was for me as I enjoyed the patient interaction...
Balancxe Awareness Week

Balance Awareness Week Is Coming Up

Balance is something most of us take for granted. From a young child beginning to stand and then take his first steps, our sense of balance quickly improves until we can walk and run around automatically without falling over and without thinking about it. That is...
Hearbase new webshop

Order Your Hearing Aid Accessories From Our New Webshop

Our new look webshop is now live, offering a wide range of products to help keep your hearing aids in top condition. It has a much improved and simple layout, with products divided into categories such as batteries, cleaning items and hearing aid accessories. You can...


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