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Hearing Protection

There are a vast array of hearing protection solutions available online as well as in-ear monitors for musicians, sleep moulds, swim mould etc. Hearbase can provide you with custom impressions of your ears so that you use with the manufacturer of your choice. The change for this service is £60.

Protect Your Ears: A Guide to Sound Levels and Hearing Safety

Decibel Level (dB) Equivalent Noise Source Safe Exposure Duration (Without Protection) Safe Exposure Duration (With Custom Molded Hearing Protection)
30 dB Quiet library N/A (No known harmful effects) N/A (No known harmful effects)
60 dB Normal conversation N/A (No known harmful effects) N/A (No known harmful effects)
85 dB Heavy city traffic Up to 8 hours Up to 8 hours
90 dB Lawnmower Up to 2 hours Up to 8 hours
100 dB Chainsaw Up to 15 minutes Up to 2 hours
110 dB Rock concert Up to 1 minute Up to 15 minutes
120 dB Jet engine takeoff Up to a few seconds Up to 1 minute

What is the difference between custom-made and generic earplugs?

Custom-made earplugs are moulded to fit your unique ear canal shape, providing a secure and comfortable fit. Generic earplugs, on the other hand, come in standard sizes and shapes and may not fit everyone’s ears perfectly. Additionally, depending on the type of custom-made earplugs, there may be additional features such as filters on musician’s earplugs that allow for the preservation of sound quality while reducing overall volume levels.

Can custom-made earplugs protect against loud noise-induced hearing loss?

Yes, custom-made earplugs can provide effective protection against noise-induced hearing loss, many are designed specifically for this purpose. The level of protection will depend on the type of earplug, the quality of the impression, and the level of noise exposure.

Are custom-made earplugs comfortable to wear?

Custom-made earplugs are designed to fit perfectly in your ear canal, providing maximum comfort and a secure fit. They are generally made from soft, hypoallergenic materials that are safe and comfortable to wear for extended periods.

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