Deaf Awareness Week takes place every year to promote the positive aspects of living with hearing loss.

This year’s Deaf Awareness Week runs from May 1-7 and the theme is Access to Communication.

The aim of this year’s Deaf Awareness Week is to promote greater awareness and understanding of the challenges faced by deaf people in communicating.

This includes the need to break down barriers that stop deaf people from fully taking part in society.

Lack of awareness

Deaf people often face difficulties in communicating, which can lead to social isolation, limited employment and difficulty getting essential services.

These difficulties can include a lack of sign language interpreters, limited captioning and subtitling in videos and online content and a general lack of awareness of the communication needs of deaf people.

It is hoped that the week will encourage people, organisations and governments to work together to create a society where deaf people have the same access to communication as hearing people.

There are 12 million people in the UK who are deaf or who suffer from hearing loss of greater than 25 dBHL. More than 150,000 people use British Sign Language.

Supportive network

It has also been reported that people who are deaf or have hearing loss are 50% more likely to have poor mental health, meaning that it is vitally important that we show support to deaf people.

By 2035, it is estimated that there will be 15.6 million adults in the UK with hearing loss, again highlighting the importance of creating a network of support for the deaf to ensure they don’t feel isolated.

Deaf Awareness Week is organised by the UK Council on Deafness.

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