Our Bexleyheath branch is one of our largest high street branches, featuring a dedicated ear wax removal clinic room and separate hearing test and assessment suite.

We spoke to our team at Bexleyheath to find out more about the branch and why taking time with every patient is a vital part of what we do.

Every patient is unique

Bianca Leonel is the senior audiologist at our Bexleyheath branch and her focus is always the patient and how she can help.

“Every single one of my patients is unique,” said Bianca. “No two ears are the same after all!

Bianca Leonel

“I believe that the best service comes from listening to the needs of my patients, so I take my time, especially when exploring hearing aids. A hearing assessment at Hearbase can take up to 90 minutes as I must combine the results with any lifestyle, health, budget and technology considerations, discussing everything clearly with the patient.

“An expert audiologist understands that different types of hearing loss require certain types of technology, and our skill comes in matching the right technology to the patient’s unique needs to ensure they get the full benefit from their hearing aids.”

Safe and comfortable ear wax removal

Damien Emsley

Damien Emsley is the ear care practitioner at Bexleyheath, running regular clinics for micro-suction and water irrigation throughout the week.

Damien said: “It is important for every patient coming to see me for ear wax removal that I take the time to explain the procedure thoroughly. Sometimes I get a nervous patient or someone who is fascinated by it and asks lots of questions. I take as long as I need to explain and show them the specialist tools and techniques in detail to help.”

Always a warm welcome

Tina Hulls

Both Christina (Tina) Hulls and Tracy Doyle make up our reception and patient care support at Bexleyheath. They ensure the branch runs smoothly, that our patients are booked in and cared for and work behind the scenes to send post, confirm appointments, check in hearing aids, take payments securely in branch and help however they can.

“I take the time to listen to each patient and find out what they need so I can pass all that information to our clinicians, Bianca and Damien,” said Tina. “It’s not how quickly you can do something, but how well you can, and how focused you are on helping and finding solutions.”

Working together in branch

Bianca said: “Good teamwork is crucial to the smooth running of the Bexleyheath branch. We believe that no one is more important than each other in the branch. Whether you are an audiologist, ear care practitioner or receptionist, good communication and supporting each other leads to better results.”

If you have noticed a change to your hearing and would like a comprehensive hearing test with Bianca, or need an ear wax removal appointment with Damien at our Bexleyheath branch, call us today on

0208 304 1389 or email admin@hearbase.com