Our own-brand hearing aids, the Hearbase Elite, have been developed in partnership with NuEar, part of global manufacturer Starkey Hearing Technologies.

Not only does this provide you with an expert choice of hearing aid, it also offers you access to one of the leading smartphone apps on the market, the Thrive Hearing Control App.

Easy to use

The Thrive App is easy to set up, use and navigate and gives you full control over your Bluetooth™ enabled Elite hearing aids using your smartphone. It includes the following features to help you hear and live better:

Thrive App + Hearbase Elite hearing aid – a perfect partnership
  • Activity Tracking: Tracks your daily steps and monitors your physical activity levels.
  • Brain Engagement Tracking: Tracks the brain health benefits of wearing your hearing aids.
  • Fall Alerts: Detects when you fall and sends an alert message to nominated contacts, such as family or carers.
  • Reminders: Allows you to schedule alerts to remind you about personal tasks, such as taking medications or social events.
  • Mask Mode: Boosts certain frequencies to help you hear better when people are wearing face masks (only available on selected technology levels of Hearbase Elite).
  • Remote Support: Our audiologists can connect to your hearing aids remotely and make adjustments without the need for you to be present in clinic.

Better hearing means better brain and body health

Research shows that treating hearing loss can limit your risk of a variety of health issues, including dementia. Our Elite hearing aids feature special AI technology, which not only provides superior sound quality to treat hearing loss, but they also let you track both brain and body activity using the Thrive App. The benefits of stimulating brain activity are just as important to your health as taking more exercise is to your body and physical fitness.

Full details of the Hearbase Elite, including technical specifications, can be found on our website here: https://hearbase.com/products/elite/

For more information or to request a free trial of the Hearbase Elite hearing aids and Thrive App, please contact 0800 028 6179 or email admin@hearbase.com