Since we launched our expanded range of styles for our Hearbase Elite in March, we have received wonderful feedback from one of the first patients fitted with our new, own-brand, hearing aids.

Mrs Anne Pickston

Mrs Pickston was fitted in March this year with Hearbase Elites at our Folkestone branch by senior audiologist Nikki Davis and sent us the following update on how she has found her new aids (shared with Mrs Pickston’s permission).

“I can’t believe the difference my Hearbase Elite hearing aids have made to my life, and what I have been missing. Nikki has been brilliant from day one; from her professional advice to her polite, pleasant and friendly manner.

When I first went to Hearbase I was a little unsure if I was making the right decision but would recommend Hearbase to anyone with a hearing problem. My partner has some hearing problems, and when we get back from holiday I am going to book him an appointment too.”

About the Hearbase Elite

If you are looking for the ultimate in hearing aid technology, the Hearbase Elite is the one for you. It offers advanced sound processing, the best possible comfort in a range of styles and powerful features to ensure maximum hearing in the most difficult listening environments.

Styles available

–        RIC/microRIC – Receiver in the canal (rechargeable and battery)
–        ITE/ITC – In the ear/In the canal (custom rechargeable)
–        BTE – Behind the ear (rechargeable and battery)
–        CIC/IIC – Completely in the canal/Invisible in the canal (battery)

Exceptional aftercare

We offer exceptional aftercare on all our hearing aids including:
–        Comprehensive hearing assessment and impressions
–        Expert fitting and programming
–        Regular six-month check-ups and aftercare whenever you need help
–        Annual hearing review consultation and additional tests
–        Firmware upgrades as and when available
–        Replacement ear moulds during warranty period (where needed)
–        Ongoing advice, telephone and video support.

“If you are not delighted with what Hearbase Elite can do for you, you can hand your hearing aids back and receive a full refund. It’s risk free!” – Mark Scutchings, Hearbase managing director

An interview with Mark Scutchings, managing director, Hearbase

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