An. open day at the Chaucer Hospital in Canterbury – organised by us – gave its staff the opportunity to have a free hearing test and to find out about audiology and the latest hearing aid technology.

Katie Guinan, from hearing aid manufacturer Resound, was on hand to answer hearing aid questions and offer advice for anyone whose test showed that their hearing was not quite as good as it should be.

In fact, a surprising number of staff turned out to have some degree of hearing loss of which many were unaware.
Sally French, Hearbase senior audiologist at the Chaucer – where we have our Canterbury consulting rooms – said: “We tested 59 people on the day and it was surprising to see how many had some reduction in their hearing level.

Early signs of hearing loss

“I think that this shows how many of us have the early signs of hearing loss without realising it and it shows the importance of getting your hearing checked so that any problem can be identified at an early stage.”
Of course, not every hearing loss needs a hearing aid, but mild high-frequency hearing loss can indicate a sensitivity to loud sounds and may be a warning sign that you need to turn your music down or take a bit more care when doing noisy tasks su h as DIY.
If you do need a hearing aid, the technology continues to develop and the small size and efficiency of modern rechargeable hearing aids means that mild hearing losses that would not previously have been considered severe enough to warrant the use of a hearing aid can now be helped.
If you would like to get your hearing checked, you can call us on 0800 028 6179 for an appointment at one of our locations across Kent or you can email