Katie Jago joined us back in August, 2021 as a receptionist and administrator at our head office in Folkestone.

She enjoyed her role, especially working as part of the Heabase team and learning new things. But she missed the one-to-one contact with people which she had experienced in her previous work in customer services and in a beauty salon.

So, when we advertised for new roles as associate audiologists Katie decided to apply and have a complete change of profession and enjoy the one-to-one contact which she had missed.

“As much as I had patient contact on reception, I didn’t feel fulfilled but now I really feel like I’m making a difference to my patients,” Katie said.

Making a difference

“Nothing worth working for comes easy and the training wasn’t easy, but it was fun and interesting. I have an incredibly supportive team around me so during the times of self-doubt they picked me up and helped me. 

“I love the role because seeing how grateful the patients are and what a difference what I’m doing makes to their lives really sends me home feeling good at the end of the day and I can’t wait to see where it takes me in the future. “

Katie, who lives in Folkestone, enjoys watching films at the cinema, reading and cooking, everything from traditional English fare to healthy Mediterranean recipes.