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187 Broadway,


0208 304 1389

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Please contact our Bexleyheath branch on 0208 304 1389 or email to book your next appointment.

Opening Times

Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm
Ear Wax Removal Clinics on regular Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays: 9am-5pm

Our Bexleyheath branch is conveniently located at 187 Broadway.  There is step-free access and the consulting room is on the ground-floor. There is on-street pay and display parking nearby.

We also have a specialist ear wax removal clinic regularly throughout the week in branch with water irrigation, microsuction and Tympahealth cutting-edge technology.

If you prefer the convenience of visiting a town centre location, our Bexleyheath branch is a fully-equipped hearing centre, with state of the art technology and testing equipment.



Ear Wax Removal Clinic in Bexley

Hearbase provides a professional ear wax removal clinic on regular Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at our Bexleyheath branch. Our highly trained ear care technicians use microsuction and water irrigation, as well as manual tools, to remove the build-up of ear wax quickly and safely. The appointment is usually 30 minutes and our technician can also check your general ear health and refer you to our expert audiologists for onward support, including a comprehensive hearing test.


We take your hearing loss seriously and it needs to be professionally diagnosed and treated with the best solutions available.


We provide a wide range of hearing aids, from the most straightforward to the most sophisticated.

We also offer custom-made products to help protect your hearing from noise damage.

Services at our Bexleyheath branch:



Hearbase is Kent’s largest independent hearing company and we have been working in audiology for more than 20 years. We use the latest diagnostic techniques, combined with first class care and support.


Digital hearing aids come in a vast range to suit everyone’s needs, from the most straightforward to the most sophisticated. Our highly trained audiologists will advise you as which hearing aid best suits your hearing loss and your needs. They will explain the pros and cons of the various features so you can be sure of making the right decision.

Leading brands

As we are independent of any hearing aid manufacturer, this means we have access to all the world’s leading hearing aid brands making it simple to find the best solution for your hearing loss.

We are confident about the quality of our service so all our hearing aids come with a guarantee of 100% satisfaction or your money back.

You can arrange a free assessment with our audiologist by emailing or by telephoning 0208 304 1389 to arrange your appointment.


Hearing Specialists

Damien Emsley

Ear Care Practitioner

Before joining us Damien was a senior phlebotomist/health care assistant.

“I have been a HCA for more than 13 years now and helping people is something I am very passionate about,” he said. “I am also a personal trainer which I just do on weekends with family and friends when I have the time.

“I love to go to the cinema to see the latest films, love to read, love being in the gym and I also have a soft spot for rescue animals as I have a rescue cat and pony..”

Bianca Leonel

Senior Audiologist

Bianca says she is passionate about hearing, and after qualifying she was able to learn how difficult hearing loss can be, as well as the importance of the hearing care professional and the difference they can make to people’s lives.

“The impact of hearing loss is enormous, not only regarding hearing, but also in socialising, language, cognition. The hearing solutions field is one of the most interesting for me and where I built on the most important part of my career,” said Bianca..

“During my time at SONOVA-Brazil, I developed and performed some educational and palliative health projects, providing useful information regarding hearing.

A great service

“In 2018 I accepted the challenge of being part of the audiological team at Lewisham Hospital, London, later becoming a permanent member of staff.

“This position gave me a very good experience in many hearing duties, particularly the caring of patients with complex needs.

“I am now more than happy to accept Hearbase’s Bexleyheath branch as my new place of work.

“Delivering a great service is my goal, followed by some core values, such as compassion, empathy, reliability, and my passion for caring.”

Bianca the audiologist was excellent. She explained to me exactly during the consultation of the hearing test and answered all my questions.

Neil Nauman, June 2022