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Visit Hearbase at Canterbury Medical Practice for expert ear wax removal services using water irrigation, microsuction and Tympahealth cutting-edge technology.




Ear Wax Removal Clinic in Canterbury

Hearbase provides a professional ear wax removal clinic every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in Canterbury. Our highly trained ear care technicians use microsuction and water irrigation, as well as manual tools, to remove the build-up of ear wax quickly and safely. The appointment is usually 30 minutes and our technician can also check your general ear health and refer you to our expert audiologists for onward support, including a comprehensive hearing test..


We take your hearing loss seriously. It needs to be professionally diagnosed and treated with the best solutions available.

Our services at Canterbury Medical Practice:





Hearbase is Kent’s largest independent hearing company and we offer you a quality, clinically-based, private ear care and wax removal service at Canterbury Medical Practice. We use the latest diagnostic techniques, combined with first class care and support.


Digital hearing aids come in a vast range to suit everyone’s needs, from the most straightforward to the most sophisticated. Our highly trained audiologists will advise you as which hearing aid best suits your hearing loss and your needs. They will explain the pros and cons of the various features so you can be sure of making the right decision.

Leading brands

As we are independent of any hearing aid manufacturer, this means we have access to all the world’s leading hearing aid brands making it simple to find the best solution for your hearing loss.

We are confident about the quality of our service so all our hearing aids come with a guarantee of 100% satisfaction or your money back.

You can arrange an assessment with our audiologist by emailing or by telephoning 0800 028 6179 to arrange your appointment.




Hearing Specialists

Rachel Harrison

Ear care technician

Rachel has worked in the care sector for 12 years, gaining qualifications that enabled her to help people promote dignity in care for those who live with dementia.

“Looking for new skills, I studied the anatomy and physiology of the ear, and it was amazing how poor ear health can affect people’s social interacting and hearing loss,” said Rachel.

“If I can play a part in someone’s life to help promote better hearing and give back a little of people’s social abilities then there can be no more job satisfaction than that.”

“Having attended clinics and seen the difference an ear care technician can make, I cannot wait to see what the future holds within the audiology world.”

Rachel lives in Herne Bay with her husband, three children and two dogs. She said: “I love cooking Indian food and photography and I enjoy travelling to India twice a year. The culture, food and people amaze me.”

I have had to have wax removed from my ears on a regular basis for more that 50 years and I have to say Rachel did it better than any other time I can remember. A great job - thank you.

Guy Topham, July 2022