We have opened a new wax clinic at Aylesham Medical Practice.

Ashleigh Bullen will be holding a clinic on Mondays in this modern building where there is ample free parking.

Wax removal is performed by micro-suction or water irrigation and there is a charge of £70 for this service. However, if, when the ears are examined, there is little or no wax or if the procedure cannot take place for medical reasons, we make a nominal charge of £20.

Ashleigh Bullen

Ashleigh said: “Excessive build-up of wax can cause hearing difficulties and discomfort. It may also increase the risk of ear infections. If you wear a hearing aid, you may find that its efficiency is reduced or your hearing aid may stop working if it becomes completely blocked with wax.

“Occasionally we find undiagnosed ear conditions and we can let you know about this so that you can get appropriate medical advice. The other thing we advise is that you do not attempt do-it-yourself wax removal as this very often impacts the wax and makes things worse.

“The best thing that you can do is to soften the wax a few days before your appointment with a medical grade olive oil spray such as Earol and then have the wax professionally removed.”

To arrange an appointment at our Aylesham clinic, call our patient helpline 0800 028 6179 or email info@hearbase.com

The clinic address is Aylesham Medial Practice, Queens Road, Aylesham CT3 3BB