After a very long wait of two years and two months, our team was finally able to gather together and see each other face-to-face.

Many staff, including several new starters, have only been able to communicate using video calls or telephones, which is just not the same.

Due to the vulnerable nature of our patients, we continue to take a robust approach to guidelines and minimising the risk of infection, but we felt the time was right to finally meet up and enjoy an afternoon of great food and seeing colleagues in person.

More than 35 members of staff gathered at the Clifton Hotel in Folkestone on Friday, April 29 and enjoyed some excellent food and refreshments. It was a great opportunity for us all to unwind, catch-up and try some inventive cocktails (and mocktails). We hope it won’t be quite as long until the next time!

Our photo at the top of this page shows, from left, Paula Bird, Kim Clennell and Sandra Rodrigues. Paula retired during COVID and we were never able to have a goodbye party, so it was lovely to see her again and wish her all the best properly.

From left: Ana Rodrigues, Tracy Doyle, Sam Hatfield (standing left), Russell Napier, Mark Scutchings (standing right), Tina Hulls, Tracey Coyne

From left: Claire Hughes, Katie Jago, Nikki Davis, Joana Carvalho

From left : Clara Mesquita, Jose Costa, Dannielle Martin, Chloe Gilliam