If you wear hearing aids it is very important to have regular check-ups and our managing director Mark Scutchings explains why here.

Having regular check-ups on your hearing and your hearing aids is very important as it  ensures that your hearing aids are working  to their full potential. Having your hearing checked is also important to ensure that your hearing aid is properly programmed for your hearing loss.

As a Hearbase hearing aid wearer you will be contacted every six months inviting you in for a hearing aid check-up and for a hearing test once every year.

No charge

There is no charge for this service as we recognise the importance in seeing you regularly to ensure that your hearing and hearing aids are performing at their best.

Mark Scutchings

Hearing aid performance can be degraded by small amounts of wax that can find their way into the sound outlet of the hearing aids. Even regular hearing aid cleaning and regular changing of the wax filters may not pick up all foreign matter that can find its way into the microphone and receiver outlets and impair performance.

As modern hearing aids are really miniature computers, there are sometimes software upgrades that can be carried out that can lead to improved performance and reliability.


Of course, the check-up appointment is an opportunity to ask your audiologist any questions that you might have about your hearing and hearing loss as well as finding out about the latest developments that might help further improve your hearing.

So when your next review letter arrives, make sure that you take advantage of the opportunity of the free consultation, reduce the risk of unexpected hearing aid troubles and keep your ears and hearing in tip-top condition.

Our photo shows senior audiologist Joana Carvalho checking a patient’s hearing with an otoscope.